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About Angels & Giants

A rebellion in heaven, a race of fallen angels, ancient Scriptures calls them… the sons of God…the Watcher Angels. They chose the beauty of earthly women over the beauty of heaven… an unholy union that brought about the birth of giants, a race of beings known as the Nephilim…

We travel the world looking for archaeological, cultural, even spiritual traces of the existence of fallen angels and cannibal giants left on earth during the days of their debaucherous existence. Beings whose allegorical and even physical handprints still remain in our midst. Those whose presence still remains behind the thinnest of veils that separate us from a neighboring spiritual dimension.

One crew, thousands of miles, one television series in the making…

We’re chasing Angels and Giants.

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Episode #1: Origins

Who or what were the Watchers and Nephilim? Explore evidence from archeologists of their existence on earth – and learn why some think an unholy union of fallen angels with mortal women was meant to corrupt mankind genetically and prevent the birth of the coming Messiah.

Episode #2: Out West

In Scripture and in historical records, there were reports of giants – even in the Americas. Then, in the 19th and 20th centuries, periodical records show giant bones being unearthed. Where are those giants now, and what does their disappearance mean for us?

Episode #3: Epicenter of an Empire

Megalithic wonders and memorial stones baffle even the most respected academics and archaeologists. Were they unparalleled marvels of engineering? Or – as some say – supernatural fingerprints left from a time when watchers and giants roamed the earth?

Episode #4: Predynastic Enigmas

We explore ancient Egypt! Was the Great Pyramid the pinnacle of human innovation or a silent testament to mysteries beyond time and dimension? What ancient secrets do they hold in our quest for angels and giants?

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